Smartphones 2017: These new technologies await us

The new smartphones are really interesting new technologies. We look forward to possible new features and new smartphones that await us in the new year 2017th
2016 have many interesting smartphones with even more exciting new features have seen the light of the world. With the Galaxy Note 7 more accurate and modern form of the iris scanner was introduced, we have seen in this country for the first time when Microsoft Lumia 950th Unfortunately, users had pulled some of the new unlocking method To the eye because had experienced the Samsung smartphone due to battery problems soon after the launch of the market only a short time. Other characteristics could also be established last year. This includes the dual camera, one finds, for example, in devices of Huawei, LG, Apple and Honor. In the smart phone connections back, there was a first: Apple gave up its current iPhones first time on a plug. The earphones are rather the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus connected via the lightning adapter.

Edge screen, two cameras and new sensors: Regarding these developments, the expectations of future smartphones are great. How can we expect Flagships in 2017? And what new highlights they offer? We take a look in the crystal ball and try to answer these questions at. Dive with us in the smartphone Year 2017e
Samsung Galaxy S8 with Optical Fingerprint Sensor and Bluetooth 5.0?

Innovative high-end smartphones, we will probably not appear on the moment held in Las Vegas just. The most exciting of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona will be, because it is also better suited to the European market. The exposure at the end of February has been the environment over the past few years, the Samsung has used for the launch of its latest Galaxy S models. This year we anticipate that the Galaxy S8 promises many new features.

Samsung should Rumor definitely adopt the Galaxy S8 classic screens and instead only rely on its Edge screen. The screen should resolve with a diagonal of 5.3 inches in 4K, which is 2160 times 4096 pixels (874 ppi). In addition, on a frameless screen, a so-called all-screen, speculated. The screen can be, but another new one offers hosting: an optical fingerprint sensor. Given that the manufacturer is supposedly using its next lighthouse no home button, the fingerprint sensor was apparently integrated on the screen. A prototype of the company Synaptic has already presented.

In addition, the Galaxy S8 could be the first smartphone with the new Bluetooth 5.0 standard. On the Samsung socket should refrain and instead - similar to Apple in its Lightning connector - use the USB-C port as a port for headphones. In principle can be used not only for data transmission, the USB connector type C, but it also allows digital audio transmission. To date, manufacturers have already hesitated traditional take to declare war - in part because many users could then connect to the smartphone their existing headphones with plug. On the other hand, a prolonged use of an existing port in the devices - save space - to no longer location needs and the resulting waiver. Especially with the increasingly complex smartphone space is a problem inside.

To sum up: The changes introduced by the Galaxy S8 innovations could be:

    Only the Edge Display, maybe even with a 4K resolution and frameless
    Optical fingerprint sensor
    Bluetooth 5.0
    USB-C port as a headphone jack

On the next page, we are dedicated to the new star expected from LG, Sony and HTC