Oppo 5x: New smartphone camera with 5x zoom

Oppo will also be present at MWC 2017 and has been able to present a new camera technique called 5x for smartphones. Whether directly a new phone with this method is announced is not known.

The Chinese manufacturer Oppo currently sent invitations for its appearance on 27 February 2017, the next Mobile World Congress. It is made on a new smart phone technology with a focus on the camera's function in which the user is supposed to be "5x closer." If it was a new technique of photography that will bring a closer to the subject, than one can feel it. These statements may well be considered a full-fledged advertising promise, after all, are Oppo's pricier details.
Oppo has with 5x a mysterious camera function in the luggage.

The statements made by the manufacturer, according to one will be able to differentiate with 5x by the competitors. This technological prowess is the result of extensive research and long-term development in combination with opp experience in smartphone photography. The band seems to be safe, having developed something new and innovative for smartphone photographers. Oppo says that you have chosen the MWC for the unveiling of the 5x-technique because it believes it can inspire the industry to seek superior and creating products with unique experiences for consumers. Whether it is here a new smart phone waiting for us or only a new method for future mobile phones will be demonstrated, is uncertain.
What could he have with about 5x?

Evidence is a loss Taking up the subject in photography. There are already a variety of approaches, the iPhone 7 More about realized a double push by dual camera, Nokia Lumia 1020, however, took advantage of a 41 megapixel sensor, a zoom four times. There is of course also the possibility of an optical zoom that it on the Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom or the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom have. By such construction, the smartphone however will inevitably be thicker than the mounted mobile lenses require matching location. We are curious as to whether Oppo has optimized any of the approaches mentioned above, or is based on an entirely new solution. Among other things, the N3, an unusual smartphone with rotating camera and the F1 Pro, one of the selfie experts, the Chinese company has already dared various experiences in the cell phone of photography.

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