GMX and More ServicesChild for the same price

In the introductory tariff for 6.99 euros per month, GMX offers and now more monthly units for calls and SMS. We summarize current offers.
GMX and have improved one of its mobile phone rates again. So, customers that the Allnet - & - choose Flex tariff, now 250 instead of 200 units per month, which can be used for phone calls and sending SMS in Germany. Also included in the monthly price of 6.99 euros is an unlimited data plan with 2 GB of Unthrottled data per month.

The tariff is - like other mobile phone offers from GMX and, realized more than 1 & 1, - or in the mobile networks of Vodafone and Telefónica available. In the Vodafone network, customers have access to GSM and UMTS networking technologies, while the LTE network can not be used. Prospective, select the contract in the Telefónica network, can also surf the Internet 4G.
Other rates as before

High order rates remain unchanged. The Allnet & Surf Flex L offers a monthly package of 9.99 euros. But the number of units for calls and sending SMS to 300 and for access increases from the mobile Internet are 3GB monthly data volume Unthrottled.

For the monthly price of 14.99 euros offer GMX and Allnet Collective & Surf Flex XL. Here are monthly 400 units for calls and text messages, as well as 4GB of data included. After consumption of services included 9.9 cents per minute and SMS are included in all calculated tariffs and the performance of mobile Internet access, which regularly provides up to 21.6 Mbit / s downstream, is reduced to A maximum of 64 kbit / s.
Order directly selected prices:

1.    Vodafone Vodafone
    Red S
2.    Tchibo
    Intelligent M

AC Bonus and Start Credit

Contracts each have a contract term of at least two years. Customers bring their current mobile number to GMX or, get 10 euro exchange rate bonuses. However, so that cost portage cost costs are covered in part only because they depend on the provider between 25 and up to 30.72 euros. GMX Premium and Club members have received at the closing time assets from an amount of 30 euros.

In the Vodafone network have dealers like GMX, or for example FYVE or BILDmobil a disadvantage to be able to continue to offer no LTE access. The current rates of GMX and We have also included in our smartphone calculator which invites comparison of contracts to the other provider.