Xbox Scorpio: exclusive titles make due to limited hardware basis, says Frozenbyte

How Microsoft already makes it clear there should be no title but that are not published for Xbox Scorpio for the Xbox One and Xbox One S. According to the "Trine" -Machern of Frozenbyte this approach makes the basis of the basic logic Of installed equipment.

Too much detail to Xbox Scorpio that will come later this year to market after the current state of affairs, Microsoft had already not established, however, assured at least that there will be no title, no longer for the New Xbox, but will appear for the Xbox One and the S model.An incident, which in a recent interview Kai Touvinen left on -Machern Frozenbyte of the "Trine". So the question is whether the extra power of the Xbox Scorpion would not be wasted if it is already no exclusive titles that are tailored to the system.Years assured support of the Xbox One: Xbox ScorpionEven after the launch of the Xbox Scorpio the Xbox One will be supported for years. This was confirmed by Phil Spencer of Microsoft on Twitter. Since the ... SpieXbox Scorpio: Exclusive titles make due to the hardware basis of limited use as a developer"This is a difficult question," replies Touvinen. "I'm sure there are developers who want to bring out exclusively for Xbox Scorpio their games. Finally, it will be easier to put them on the device in operation. "He continued: "However, the main group of players will be on the Xbox One So the developer would make a really tough decision, I'm still assuming that the Xbox Scorpio for many buyers a good buy or a good update. This is true, for example, if they want to play in a higher resolution. "More details on the Xbox Scorpio probably follow at the E3 in JuneGoogle Terjemahan untuk Bisnis: Perangkat PenerjemahPenerjemah Situs WebPeluang Pasar Global

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