Why some beautiful women?

The physical characteristics of the attractiveness of women must have developed by mechanisms other than similar characteristics in men The orange patches of Kehl female sting iguana virgatus Sceloporus indicate sexual receptivity and point to the quality of the eggs. The orange patches of Kehl female sting iguana virgatus Sceloporus indicate sexual receptivity and point to the quality of the eggs. © Stacey Weiss, Puget Sound University Durham, USA - A multicolored plumage, a lion's mane or a powerful wood: Males of many species have striking physical characteristics that show their quality as sexual partners and are attractive to women.

These characteristics have evolved through sexual selection, which is by the choice of a female partner. Females are generally much less visible than men. But females of some species, including crustaceans, reptiles and primates, also show physical characteristics of decoration. But this can not be by the same mechanism of sexual selection to explain how men, now report two American biologists in the journal "Evolution". Using a simulation of evolutionary processes, they showed: The physical characteristics of attractiveness for women with high fertility can be not only caused by the fact that they are inseminated by preferred males.
You are most likely the result of a different selection mechanism by which a higher social status or other benefit is obtained. "Simply because female males prefer certain characteristics, does not necessarily mean that these characteristics were created for the choice of partners," says Courtney Fitzpatrick of Duke University in Durham. "In males, the question is clear: Females are more likely to benefit from this one to cooperate with as much as it does not bring the total number of their offspring.For them, the quality, namely the biological Sexual partner is important Why should they attract by sexual partner signals when it can filter out ?, Attractive females especially could have more possibilities to be inseminated by the best males.These previously common but unproven explanations verified Fitzpatrick now with Maria Servedio From the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Examples of abnormal morphology of women are red scissors peaks in females of blue pool crab (blue crab), reminiscent of nails painted red, or orange Kehl spots of females Sting iguana Sceloporus virgatus - but also the swelling body in female primates.
 With Maria Servedio of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill developed model Fitzpatrick a scenario in which the striking evolution of the characteristics of the female body could be calculated under defined conditions. They sat polygynous mating behavior from the front with the same mating frequency of all females. In addition, only very fertile females showed a complex decorative feature that was felt by some of the men to be very attractive.
Modeling has shown that sexual selection alone does not make the characteristic of females very widespread, a characteristic advantage of the population. Although biologically more fit males mated more often than the other with "nice" females, the effect after many generations was only mild. It would be different, perhaps, if only the best males respond to the attractiveness of females. For a final clarification, real animal behavior studies were needed.