The new Galaxy Nexus - it would be a car, it would be a Skoda

Yes, I admit, I'm an Apple Fanboy and yes, I confess, I prejudge. And yet, I tried to approach as impartial as possible on the issue. After four years of pure iPhone time I wanted to know - all the jubilant reports from Android and Samsung hardware had made me curious.
The anticipationI ordered in early December, the latest generation of Google phones - the Galaxy Nexus with the latest version Android 4.x, also known as "Ice Cream Sandwich". The wait was very short thanks to Amazon and I am happy to be honest on my new toy and, as always, on unpacking! The start was quite reflective: From the outside, the packaging was very chic and remembered the packaging'm iPhone very familiar - but the cogs of the package made me shudder for the first time. Cheap carton and motorboat films. No matter, I figured, the box is anyway in the corner.

Learn to knowAssembling the flagship Android model reminded me of the pre-iPhone era: A single battery of delights to provide for its use - definitely an advantage you can replace it once - but it can not be extradited installed? A glance at the accompanying guide explains how the Nexus is open. Without nails to get a bigger challenge but I succeed just like installing the battery without any problems. What I think as a back part of the Nexus in hand scares me - wabbeliges, thin plastic, which also always slips into the hand. The reassembly of the device is not so simple: The thin rear part does not want as it should and I fear that the fragile part inflict too much violence (which repeats the way each opening).
After a few back and forth it works and I can my new toy finally knocks in nehmen.Was working this: The user needs a real big hand, or long fingers less around the big device, as usual at The iPhone, able to operate with one hand. After the first boot up illuminates a very large screen and for small problems with SIM PIN entry, the double-course of an emergency call (why is urgency here on the keystroke?), I will be introduced by The Google World Wizard. This goes with my existing GMail account quickly and smoothly. However, note texts and menus are not always explicit - but that is probably normal for a system change. Now the familiarization moment and a question mark on the front of the Apple disciple begins.
Daily preparation - or where can I get all my usual applications?My two focal points in the coming days will be the official Android Market and AndroidPIT. There I find most of the applications I use on the iPhone. Search, find and install programs in two stores, which AndroidPIT often refers to the Android Market. While rummaging in the premise apps I a little pretty treatment on the iPhone, but as I said it all works.
Paying apps is resolved in the following way: At AndroidPIT I can choose between Click & Buy, Credit Card or PayPal, but then go through the payment process for each application (except PayPal - here I can get credit for one Use at AndroidPIT fees). This favors the dropout rate and not the sale of applications. In the purchase of Android Market official begins with a mess - applications are inexplicably still without vaunted VAT and will only appear in the text bill of the whole sale price .. paying exclusively via the stored in Google Wallet credit card . So, a behavior very similar to the Apple world. One or the other will surely miss the gift cards that are now available to buy anywhere Apple's AppStore.
daily lifeWhat I do after installing my applications not quite obvious that the applications appear to me from there at three different places: - On the overview - but only as long as there is a space (Why is this Limited to five pages?) - Under Settings on the main menu where all apps and widgets again listed Apps and sind.Verwirrend I also think I take applications several times in the list (why?), But the Applications can not uninstall on all points and deleting some Ask really does mean delete.
But there are also very good areas: Immediately I am impressed by the good dissolved Messenger Service system, facial recognition to unlock the device, unlocking the gesture when the face is not once, the shortcut