System Guard: a new tool for iOS security control

Stefan Esser's System and Security Info was launched fairly quickly on the Apple App Store. System Guard is a new application from other developers, which should inform the iOS user a look at possible security issues but before being discarded by Apple should be safe.
System and Safety Information by Stefan Esser gave a fairly detailed overview in the state of the system of an iOS device, this idea of ​​Apple was apparently too much detail, at least in detail, such as what iOS average users could manage. They wanted to prevent users from smearing with possibly incorrect information system - so that the official reason for expelling the application from the store.

This spell does not threaten, according to the developer of the System Guard application, which is of course, it can never be absolutely certain:
We took precautions because similar applications were quickly removed from the App Store. This was mostly because private functions were used (APIs), which are not allowed by the App Store directives. Our application does not have access to private APIs, so we do not expect System Guard to be removed from the App Store. We also copy neither the design / work, nor the programming code (in fact, we were often victims of imitators), and therefore "should" be on the safe side.
The app provides at least prima facie no confusing information that could indicate a Jailbreak or other details. The Home screen is limited in terms of "security" in a large "Of course," displaying the iOS version and information about whether the device is jailbroken or not. Potentially confusing, but it is comfortable when you press the question labeled "jailbroken", here also the files are listed, which indicates a jailbreak even if they are not present on the system. Maybe Apple could take this again too confusing for the average iOS users.

In addition, the application displays general system information such as the current CPU and memory usage, and device configuration. Not very spectacular but clearly summarized. Very useful and with 99 cents the application is definitely not too expensive. But you should in spite of the precautions taken given the possibility that Apple will banish even this application from the App Store, because if the private APIs are used or not, only the existence of these abrasions apps the myth of the Almost absolute security of the iOS platform.