Smartphone OS: BlackBerry and Windows Phone are dead, Samsung makes springs, Apple puts on

While BlackBerry and Windows Mobile slip into the dark, grow the market share iOS and Android. The operating system of Google says that its quasi-monopoly, although special Samsung came out unscathed. Apple for the first time gets the title of the most prosperous manufacturer in the world.

Market research Gartner have their new figures released for the distribution of smartphone operating systems. After the current Tahlen, then disappear both BlackBerry and Windows Phone in the insignificance. Apple was the first ever go by Samsung in the wake of Note7 debacle and is at the top of the smartphone manufacturer by sales. Android always dominates the market more than clear.

The long summer sick and recently passed to Android agita Canadian manufacturer of BlackBerry has been able to sell just under 208,000 smartphones under its own operating system in the past Q4. Last year we even contributed 970,000 units. Thus, it can be registered as part of the efforts of the past year, with BlackBerry OS to establish a special secure operating system for business customers confidently considered a failure. In addition, the BlackBerry Passport and quite innovative BlackBerry FSBO could put more fun here.

Even Windows Phone or Windows Mobile 10 has neat flaps. This never really came into the operating system Redmond tower could not benefit from the now regular distribution of desktop and laptop operating system and losing the place constantly in importance. Overall, Gartner's market share is lt. Only in miserable 0.3%, which is disappointing given the potential. After it was brought to the same period at least "decent" 4.39 million units sold, only 1,092,000 smartphones were sold in Q4 2016th

Among the still existing operating system fans, the platform is the efficient and stable resource but suffers - even in public perception - especially in the unsatisfactory support of important applications. In addition, the adjustment of the Lumia series makes it definitely visible.


Vendor     4Q16Units       4Q16 Market Share (%)     4Q15Units     4Q15 Market Share (%)

Apple       77,038.9           17.9                                    71,525.9                     17.7
Samsung       76,782.6      17.8                                    83,437.7                     20.7
Huawei       40,803.7        9.5                                      32,116.5                     8.0
Oppo       26,704.7            6.2                                     12,961.5                     3.2
BBK Communication
Equipment  24,288.2       5.6                                      11,359.4                     2.8
Others       185,921.1       43.1                                   191,708.4                     47.6
Total      431,539.3     100.0                                      403,109.4                      100.0

The operating system of Google continues to benefit from broad support from vendors, although it is from the distribution of the latest operating system still not particularly well ordered. Overall, in all versions of Android, the Android market share is now at 81.7% rich. That you can safely call a quasi-monopoly, even if Google wants to avoid in various procedures with the EU at all costs. A total of about 353 million smartphones were sold with Android during the quarter.

Apple is likely to be satisfied with the growing popularity of iOS because it is also a growing use of the installation on iPhones and iPads services and associated services. With about 77 million units sold from Apple claiming second place in the distribution of operating systems - and casht make a pretty, as a look at the quarterly balance sheets recently released.

Gartner lowers some of the numbers on them by producers. This shows that Apple this time could just go through the longtime Samsung market leader and push the # 1 graphics manufacturer now. With 17.9%, compared to 17.8% of all smartphones sold the difference is very small, so is rarely a direct change of customer.

Rather makes Samsung more competition from China to create: So, had as Huawei announced it accretion to an attack on the two major manufacturers. The share of Chinese market is with no less than 40.8 million devices now at 9.5%, which could increase again the already appearing little flagship P10