Smartmachines : Supermarket scans robots and purchases stowed autonomously

Japanese supermarket chain Lawson automatically tests scanned and stored in a carrying bag at a store in Osaka the robot "Reji Robo", purchases. The client used for a basket, which is equipped with a scanner. After shopping, it goes to the smart cashbox which eintütet products via trapdoor

Japan sees quite ahead with its always new trends. What is now a holographic girlfriend for solitary hearts or a QR code stickers for the nails. So what would be possible in self-service at the shopping caisse, shows the chain of Japanese supermarkets Lawson with its very special service. The Reji Robo Panasonic takes the customer it know the job of packing bag from.

For about two weeks, the test of these new-fangled cash flows into the mini market chain. To be able to use, the customer takes a special basket that has installed a scanner. During the races, keeping the individual products of the basket, so that they are recorded. With a small LED screen, individual products are counted.

At the end, one puts the basket on the robot's crate, selected via a touch screen, the payment method and contracts as required the credit card through the slot. Then the bottom of the basket and the center opens land in a bag that is automatically moved to the customer. In the video, you can make your own image of Reji Robo

By 2018, we would like to install the automatic cashier in as many stores as possible. Until then, to do a little more on the operating procedure. For example, the scanning process will be transferred directly from the cash register. These small RFID chips are used, which are attached to these goods and can register the robot immediately. This optionally replace the barcode.

In Switzerland and the UK are self-serve something every day and in this country you can sift through. We in Germany are lagging behind in terms of developments in the region, especially the cashless payments is not even seen badly to us. Exactly the opposite happened in Japan with the next generation of self-service cash registers.

I find the Reji Robo super chic and would like to see a similar evolution for Germany. Probably, but we can expect you many years