ROBASO: Federal Employment Agency puts 60 million euros in sand

The Federal Employment Agency apparently sank 60 million euros due to a system developed for 7 years IT eventually proved to be virtually useless. About 42 million are to be hoisted to external service providers, meanwhile, has worked up to 500 programmers

The Federal Employment Agency (BA) has emerged to define a multi-million dollar software project in the sand. Worked in the meantime, up to 500 developers on the developed seven-year program called ROBASO. In a race since October here to 2015 pilot test you have now found that the program did not work in practice and have too many gaps. Overall, the AB is likely to write off about 60 million euros, about 42 million euros went to external service providers.

ROBASO should provide employees of the Federal Employment Agency as the "role-based interface" of a uniform user interface available, had been grouped behind the various so-called "administrative procedures". Therefore rare accumulating several inputs and less frequent need for switching between different surfaces and input masks, employees should relieve and speed up procedures. At the beginning of the project, it is hoped that the installation of a new customer for the exchange and for the grant of cash benefits up to 2: face (in words) two minutes faster.

In a press release published at the Federal Employment Agency announced that ROBASO "not flexible enough" is. The vulnerabilities of the software have been detected only in use in real conditions, previous tests to a real practice apparently did not let the disaster imagine.

The agency provides the gaps with concrete examples. The deficits in all cases could not be solved quickly and economically, so they had decided to stop the project. An independent external audit confirmed that this was the most appropriate solution.

How reported that it obviously has no errors barely understandable. So it should not have been possible with ROBASO to capture subsequent changes to a customer's master data. De facto have already made the number of unemployed persons eventually changed to the fact that you have had to populate all the power and mediation data again into the system. face rejected the Federal Agency currently very little talk suggests that this is only a "symbolic example", other inquiries have so far unanswered.

    "I do not want more product managers, but service managers who are also able to combine different services with an application."
    Klaus Vitt, in November 2009

The start of development for ROBASO prompted the IOC, then the Federal Employment Agency and Federal Commissioner for Information Technology Klaus Vitt today. Role-based surfaces should initiate a complete reorganization of the IT infrastructure.

In the Federal Agency for Employment are to identify the authority circa 120 specially developed procedures to employment whose exchange of job offers, management of support measures or disbursement of funds should be managed . You have now taken steps to ensure that such termination in the future does not repeat, in which an example the practice test already often and lead in the early stages of development. Other projects in progress should not be affected by the ROBASO setting.

It is clear that the question will follow. The relevant Members in the Budget Committee of the Bundestag have already agreed between parties shortly after the announcement of the creation that the Federal Audit Office to review the draft.

Over the past five years, the Authority has invested approximately 4.5 billion euros in the operation and development of their IT.