Pricing information or iPhone iPhone 8 X said expensive

The iPhone 8 or iPhone X, is already highly anticipated. It only comes in the autumn, but already there is speculation the selling price. And has it.

Apple never sold its iPhones for junk prices. Who buys a product from Californians generally needs deeper pockets than deliver competitively technically comparable products. To get Apple customers a good interaction of hardware and software, good resale prices with insignificant drop in prices and the feeling of Apple as the users summed up with these words: "It works".

Whether this also for iPhone 8 - or iPhone X - true, will probably celebrate with Apple in autumn its tenth anniversary smartphone? As for technology, there is an opening - in the past there were, for example, multiple problems with the battery of Apple iPhones, which ausschalteten easily prematurely unknown reasons even though they had still enough charge .

The high price is one of them

In one case, the Apple feeling seems, but also to keep the new iPhone: the selling price. With each new Apple iPhone has increased prices a bit, even the current iPhone 7 models and iPhone 7 Plus zero with improved storage facilities at the 1000 mark euro, or even lie about it. The iPhone 7 will cost 759 euros at Apple up, the iPhone 7 Plus starts at 899 euros and costs in the thickest version with 256 gigabytes 1119 Euro.

With the premium successor Apple is the entry level exceeds the magic threshold of 1,000 euros now. The business magazine "Fast Company" reported that the price of the birthday iPhone "north of $ 1,000" to have. Thus, prices of around € 1,300 in this country would be likely. "Fast Company" refers to an anonymous source familiar with Apple's plans.

Mass production is scheduled to begin in May

The source also confirmed some of the characteristic haunted rumors and appearance. The physical home button is thus actually disappear as a pure touch button underneath the screen. It is possible that the physical buttons may even disappear on the side and replaced by tactile surfaces. For more information on equipment expected at the latest a leak when mass production begins, which will probably take place in May - has really taken off and then go in August, Fast Company quotes the anonymous informant.

What about the moon Price rumor, of course, does not know. But it would not be surprising if Apple would actually call these high prices - finally to the iPhone 8 or iPhone get X special features. And new features of Apple always installed already pay handsomely.