Pop Superstar Wei Wei makes consumers directly available as the first music downloads on .Mobi Site

Wei Wei of China wants to reach a billion downloads of songs by 2008 via mobile phones. First of the new album exclusively on the mobile site.

This is their first musician in the world, which presents a best-planned album sold by download from a .mobi domain done.

The Wei Wei 20X20 Collection celebration will debut exclusively on the .mobi site and thus get top priority on PC music download stores and traditional CD sales. Wei Wei therefore took the lead in exposing his music to the widest possible audience.

"Access to the Internet via mobile phone is the future of the Internet and makes it possible for me, my older fans than to reach the younger generation, mobile phones much more common than PCs to access Internet using, "Wei Wei said.

She added: "I am also pleased that the download helps to prevent consumers directly from the origin of the pirates - a serious problem in my country. It is also an eco-friendly way to distribute my music. "

Wei Wei is China's national icon, which is more than a billion people a term. In her 20-year career, she has sold over 200 million records and recorded hundreds of songs, in English and Mandarin.

Currently Wei Wei lives in Sweden and wants to benefit from the growing influence of Chinese popular culture by launching his career in Europe and the United States. He is one of the most important "international flags" of China for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Summer Games, where she is expected to sing at the Olympic opening ceremony. This ceremony will be one of the greatest world ever made, more media events.

"Wei Wei is an excellent example of an independent artist who creates his own channel and content in a simple way and will reach as many fans as possible directly," said Neil Edwards, dotMobi CEO. Wei Wei .mobi has chosen to join its fans and their music for sale directly from a mobile device.The .mobi standard allows web developers to develop content that is on a mobile phone just as exciting and usable as a PC and we are sure that this is the first of many of these sites. "

Through access to weiwei.mobi their mobile phones by fans will also be able to download ringtones, movies, wallpapers and pictures go into their community. Due to its expected appearance at the 2008 Olympics, it is expected to sell more than a billion songs, all of which will be available exclusively through mobile phones on the site.