Nokia 3310: The "bone" returns!

Back a new edition of the Nokia 3310 back - what the legendary Nokia bones? Global HMD Rumor wants a phone feature to present a tribute to this classic at the CMM.

Who is not already in the last millennium had his own mobile phone, rising Nokia probably just missed. At the latest with the Nokia 3210 were the Finns on everyone's lips - and the mobile phone in many millions of hands at that time. With the Nokia 3310 wanted to repeat this success and sends an improved device into the race, which again has also enjoyed great popularity.

The baby still has a good reputation because at that time was considered an indestructible and almost "indestructible". Then there was an incredible battery life, the current smartphones creep from shame in a dark corner. In general, these phones nowadays, at least in our region at about a loss, in emerging markets, but it is also this cheap "Dumb Phones" sell very well.

What exactly is the plan of HMD World, I can not tell you unfortunately. Is it a tribute to the big names of Nokia or the model 3310 or just believes that the time has come for a new version of the handset, which is above average robust and durable? So no matter what the reader holder marks Nokia - according to a rumor (snapped by Evan Blass) for the return of this imminent classic.

Is the rumor, then HMD not only new Android smartphones, but also this new 3310 presented on 26 February in Barcelona, ​​at its press conference and that with a 59 Euro price tag. Of course, this is really very little money compared to the prices that are called for smartphones, but technically you will of course do not expect much.

Robust, it will be back and have an attractive battery life, more is not yet known but. I'm still not quite sure what to do with it, to be under the Nokia name is actually already making cheaper phones such as the Nokia 150. Maybe HMD will play the card of nostalgia Deliberately here or in the hope of a good name again to inspire a classic phone a few more people than the otherwise smartphone supremacy case.

On February 26, we will know in any case, and we will let you know as soon as possible, of course, what happens with this new edition of a classic in itself.