New Apple patent: This display can detect fingerprints

A patent now granted shows an Apple screen, which can recognize fingerprints without the need for a special sensor is needed. This way, Apple could do without the built-in home button fingerprint sensor on the iPhone.
In September, we expect a new iPhone success. One, which is both design and technically so clear turn differently than its predecessor last year. I mean, there are not only the usual minor changes, which is a little more powerful, the screen a bit brighter and make a little more mature camera, but the iPhone change device a lot More fundamental.

This includes, according to current rumors, the possibility that one can completely disappear the physical home button. But hosts also the fingerprint sensor that unlocks the smartphone or by the owner can check when purchasing. So, given a new solution must be found and now the companies rewarded with the patent could explain how the product.

In US Patent and Trademark Office speaks of an "interactive display panel with IR diodes", so a screen that uses infrared diodes. The correct pixel density - above 500 ppi - provided, through These diodes, a fingerprint can be detected. This means that a home button could be fully integrated into the display, including the ability to unlock the panel by fingerprint.

Since the acquisition of LuxVue company doing so well-paid - Micro-LED-specialists had already integrated Apple in 2014. Nevertheless, now is not guaranteed that this technology can be already realized in the iPhone. 8 Given that the patent is now granted, but was filed in June 2014, is a real hope that Apple is using this idea home button that happens at the next iPhone.

When this technique is reliable, it would certainly be a very elegant way, by simultaneously throwing the home button and the fingerprint sensor on board - all the better if Apple already be able to this technology to accommodate the market of Mass in its material.