More adrenaline. Further. Audi Q5 - Ready for freedom?

With the new Q5, Audi before the second-generation SUV to hit the world in its category. The car is to unite its successful predecessor, the sportiness of an Audi sedan with the versatile character typical of an SUV. Notable innovations include quattro transmission with ultra-technology, high-efficiency engines, air suspension with damping control and the other expanded spectrum in terms of infotainment and assistance systems.Audi offers the Q5 now in a variety of colors and newly designed equipment lines. You can select the "sports" and "design" packages, the sports "S line" package, as well as the "design selection." Although the different levels of adjustment have a significant influence on body But remain typical for Q5 recognition features.

A distinctly curved and strong shoulder line, side view, strongly defined wheel arches pointing to the all-wheel quattro permanent. Front and rear emphasize the horizontal lines give the impression of width and presence that hatchback embraces the C-pillars. A diffuser insert integrates the exhaust pipes, while the headlights on request are available either as LEDs or in the matrix of high-resolution LED technology with dynamic flashing.The typical single-frame grille with solid frame dominates the aerodynamically flat front, which turns the perceptible drag coefficient. With a value of 0.30, the four-cylinder version of the Q5 is at the top of their class.Compared to its predecessor, the new Audi Q5 has increased in almost every dimension and look even more present. With a size of 4.66 meters long, 1.89 meters wide, 1.66 meters and a wheelbase of 2.82 meters, it was possible to reduce significantly another important factor: the Q5 is due to Its mixture of steel and aluminum now exceeding 90 kg lighter than its predecessor.,1. Interior: Variable and uncompromisingThe new external dimensions are also reflected in the interior defined by the horizontal lines very "far" works in all versions. At dark the optional ambient lighting uses a total of 30 different attractive color accents and focuses on the most important elements.The pilot waits as standard for a three-spoke multifunction steering wheel, which may optionally be extended by a heated variant and the concept of operation subsequently carried out furthermore plays a central role. The position of the rear seat divided into three segments can be moved and tilted, so that the volume of the luggage compartment varies to remain seated 550-610 liters. If you fold the back seat back completely around, a total of 1,550 liters of space for luggage. The lathe can be loaded via the optional electrically operated tailgate sensor control and a manual lowering via the optional comfortable air suspension.

2. Operation and DisplayThe standard Q5 features of a group of instruments with analog scales. Between the large round dials is the display of the driver's information system. It is available in two versions - monochrome 5-inch diagonal, 7-inch color (standard in design selection). Even more attractive is the optional Audi Virtual Cockpit - a 12.3-inch diagonal TFT screen and 1440 x 540 pixels resolution. It shows very detailed graphics.The main control element, the MMI terminal acting in the center console. When the high infotainment system with MMI navigation plus, MMI touch, and 8.3 display "integrates the rotary / push button, a touchpad on the surface. One recognizes a handwritten input and the now familiar gestures of the large electronics Public, so that for example, the invitation to zoom in by spreading the fingers.The Q5 with the automatic transmission possibly has the largest MMI "all-in-touch" included haptic feedback.The optional Audi Q5 Virtual Cockpit has a high resolution 12.3 "display where the driver can choose between a classic view with large round instruments and a navigation mode or a list.The option also heads up display with 200 X 80 millimeters projection area the information and values ​​of the driver assistance systems the fastest detectable symbols and the most important figures on the windshield so that the driver always has in sight without distraction.When the Audi operating logic rests on a possible flat hierarchy that has become accustomed to operating systems of modern smartphones. The driver is to attain the information or the currently required fast and.

 Special attention here for the Audi navigation system. This can - as in the Q7 and A4 - learn the routes and destinations regularly traveled approached and related this information with the time of day and the Abstellort of the vehicle.Thus, the activated system learns the behavior of the customer and gives him on this basis on the next travel suggestions for an optimized route planning. The navigation system included in the calculation, the three most likely targets and is next to the arrival and the current volume of traffic with one. It proposes, for example the driver to activate the navigation to find potential alternative routes.MMI navigation plus in turn integrated in conjunction with "Audi connect" a LTE module and a Wi-Fi hotspot, passengers can go online thus with up to eight mobile devices. Audi connect allows a permanently installed SIM card, including flatrate data for many services offer convenient roaming in Europe. For Wi-Fi access point data packets, including EU Roaming can be reserved as required.The Audi phone box connects smartphones with the vehicle's antenna and ensures optimum reception quality. It also invites smartphones that support the Qi, inductive standard. A Bang & Olufsen sound system and also new Audi tablet complement the flexible entertainment system. With the Audi smartphone interface also come from Apple carplay and Android Auto in the new Q5.
3. Driving assistance and safety systemsThe Audi Q5 has of course a number of driver assistance systems. The efficiency of the vehicle wizard supports the driver through targeted local environmental information saving fuel. Adaptive cruise control (ACC), including wizard congestion can partially support steering work in slow traffic, while the Audi active lane assist helps to keep track. The distance indicator warns against one of the safety distance distance.The rear-cross assist wizard, an exit warning, the avoidance wizard and the turn-off are other innovations that serve the safety of the occupants of the vehicle. The same is true for Audi pre sense pre - city detection systems that warn pedestrians and vehicles, and initiates automatic emergency braking within the system, is one of the standard specifications. The wizard selectable parking option, traffic sign camera recognition and Hill Descent Assist complete the offer.

4.   Engine, transmission and chassis
 The Audi Q5 launches in Europe with five engines, four TDI and TFSI. You have (27 PS) took power compared to its predecessor up to 20 kW, fuel consumption is, however, decreased significantly. In particular, the 2.0 TDI engines in the new Q5 with 110 kW (150 hp), 120 kW (163 hp) and 140 kW (190 hp) are very efficient.The two main engines combine power and efficiency. The improved 2.0 TFSI is 185 kW (252 hp), but is contained per 100 kilometers with 6.8 liters of gasoline. This corresponds to a CO2 equivalent of 154 grams per kilometer.The Q5 powertrain has been developed from scratch - this also applies to the six-speed transmission, the seven-speed S tronic and the eight-speed tiptronic (only the 3.0 TDI). Automatic integration The fuel-saving freewheel function that controls the driver with a selector lever or shift paddles on the steering wheel. In both cases, the transmission of the electronic signal.The new quattro transmission with the ultra-technology is for the 2.0 TDI of 120 kW (163 hp) and 140 kW (190 hp) and the 2.0 TFSI with 185 kW (252 hp) standard specification, Range with 110 kW (150 hp), it provides Audi on request. The quattro technology with ultra couples The back deck always off when it is not necessary, and it turns if necessary proactive again. The new concept increases efficiency, without compromising traction and driving dynamics.The basis for the same time the sporty and comfortable driving behavior set the axes of five newly developed link and also new electromechanical steering. As an option, there is dynamic control which varies its ratio according to the speed and the steering angle. In suspension and damping two configurations are available. The suspension with adjustable shock absorber provides a particularly wide gap between comfort and dynamics that can be selected via the Audi drive select of the driver.The new adaptive air suspension can vary the body height in five steps, in addition to adjusting the shock absorber control. Both systems are, as well as the sport differential for the Audi Q5 3.0 TDI, integrated into a new chassis of the central control unit. In the Audi drive select standard system that accesses various technology elements, the driver can select up to seven drive modes. Thanks to the two new modes of lift / offroad and Allroad the offroad character of the Audi Q5 is highlighted perfectly. Alloy wheels of 17, 18, 19 and up to 21 inches round, according to the package of equipment not only optically packaging.

5.  Cw 0.30: Highest scores in aerodynamicsIn aerodynamics, the new Audi Q5 is at the top of its class: All four-cylinder versions obtained with aerodynamically optimized wheels slide coefficients of 0.30. This result is based on favorable flow base body and finishes embellished on many details. It begins at the front bumper where the side air intake grilles are designed so as not to increase the drag coefficient.The grid is optimized so that a detachment flux partially applied laterally at the latest the bumper just before the front wheels again. To further reduce the aerodynamic resistance occurs in Q5 2.0 TFSI * a controllable cooling air inlet that closes the top air inlet in the ruler. Only in some situations where a cooling load is increasing, it is necessary to open the controllable cooling air inlet. This technology significantly reduces CO2 emissions.The aerodynamic concept of the new Q5 also includes exterior mirrors and wheels with a - the customer can opt for low-drag wheels in particular. The lowest drag coefficient of 0.30 reached the Q5 with the aerodynamically optimized "Aero Wheels", a two-tone 17-inch wheel with a particularly high degree of closure. At the rear of the long roof spoiler and the optimizing canvases next to the rear window, the air outlets. 

6.   Even the taillights carry the small spoiler lips.Even the base of the new SUV directs air through spoilers and large plastic lids specifically. The engine compartment is encapsulated panels cover the plate under the passenger cell. There is a separate capsule, which is executed differently depending on the exhaust line of the engine and between the transmission harness and the rear axle. The rear axle of the triangle is also covered as the buoyancy keeps low and also offers protection against stones.