Mobile Gaming. Poll: How Much Should a Smartphone Game Be?

In our survey, we now want to know from you how much money you spend on an iOS or Android game. Will the games on the smartphone (or tablet), at no cost to you, or if you are quite willing to pay more for quality sometimes more deeply in their pockets?What is the trap? This question I asked myself a few years ago when I realized that I can play on phones / smartphones really good and complex games right now and for a lesser salary than for a single beer in the pub of my trust . I do not have to tell you that sometimes not even a single penny is due for an incalculable number of these small time wasting.About the cost of smartphone games I think, since Nintendo has decided to do Super Mario Run in a demo version available for free - then to require a Tenner if you want to play it completely. It is great that you can find free if you can make friends etc. You know the game, the graphic implementation. 

 Do they know you're in danger of the game, press ten euros and can stop using the full game.Or technically more excited - not so well if you have confidence as a fan of Super Mario almost blindly, here to buy a great moment of play, then discovers that the part quite fun but running very fast d Others, free of the genre.In general, you have to distinguish whether a download actually a free game, which was then mostly completely disappeared (and sometimes more and sometimes less annoying) funded advertising, or if you are experiencing any of the pricing models. His Country to Super Mario Run, then no amount is more up to you, many freemium games you have the place to which you have to reckon with permanent payments in the game, at least if you want to make good progress.There are also differences: the time you buy high-end items that do not necessarily promote in the game, but increase the fun, while it is almost impossible in another game, real progress without having to invest  

The extra money.32 euros for a good smartphone game - exaggerated adequately or else?

As I said: The subject is me now because I know the pricing model of Super Mario Run. And I'm interested in doing now actually minus the amount of coal she invested via in-game buying. More exciting I find out the question of how much to pay in principle, you are ready when it comes to a fixed purchase price. In the console or PC games we are used to, that we take a lot of money by hand, then also (especially) to get a better game.When smart phone game that looks a little different. Of course, graphics can not compete with an Xbox One or PS4, despite all the technical advances on the smartphone. In addition, you must remember that it is a console usually uses more than one smart phone. The Xbox game runs on the console in 5 or 10 years. It, but the smart phone substitute system, you have to buy your new to the game - and there is a new version of your operating system, it may happen to you that your game finally bought no longer works simply.I will give you a concrete example, which prevented me from going again, think about these price issues. Xseed Games has on Facebook a special offer for the game "Corpse Party: Blood Drive" rausgehauen: Only 13 dollars are paid for the game, if you zuschlagt in February - instead of the normally payable $ 31.99.

 The regular price is $31.99, but for the month of February, you can grab it for a mere $12.99!

 The prices here again differ, depending on the system you decide: In iOS you currently pay 12.99 Euro and the game is allowed from the age of 12, when Android is the title of 16 years and you pay 15, 99 Euro (yes, I actually consider whether the age required for the price effect ^^). 13 and 16 euros are for the already smartphone games quite an announcement. It 32 euros for a mobile game are again a completely different house number - here, however, is just now at a discounted price. Ironically, you pay Amazon just for the PS Vita version of the game only about 15 euros (has already already in two years under his belt).

 1. Corpse Party: Blood Drive (PS Vita)
Price: EUR 14,99 or ads from 14,99 EUR
5 Customer Rating 5.0 of 5 stars

2. Blood Corpse Party
Developer: 5pb.
Price: € 15,99
Cutomer Rating of 5 stars

3. Blood Corpse Party
Developer: 5pb.Inc.
Price: 12.99
Cutomer Rating of 5 stars

But the question is whether the game on your phone just as good (or as much value for the fans) as you spend at 13 February and 16 euros - or even after 32 euros. Clear - that is always tied to how to organize a match for himself, just as many Super Mario fans have thought for a second about this and have blinded ten Euros for Super Mario Run. Nevertheless, I want to know from you where you basically attracts the line for you today.

Are you ready for special games (especially particularly complex scheduled especially, from a very popular license such as Super Mario) to pay double digit amounts or pulling it somewhere - maybe to five euros per game - the limit ? Or do you want to avoid at all investing money and is completely turned on, supported free advertising games? Tell us in our survey and like to give us your opinion in the comments.

We now want time to conduct such a survey later widely evaluated so that we can address this issue next week and then see in detail how she manages the smart phone games. So, we will like some opinion in the comments that, if any, we then quote in the evaluation.