Mega Flop: Google Messenger Allo is more in the top 500 charts Play Store

Mega Flop: Google Messenger Allo is more in the top 500 charts Play Store

Google Allo

Last May, Google announced with Allo and Duo two new Messenger, in which we set high hopes. But the enthusiasm had not much to feel after the start of Allo, and the course is also reflected in the numbers again. Now the Messenger has even left the cards of the Play Store and is more among the 500 places.

Before the start of the enthusiasm of the users Allo was immense but almost directly at the beginning of the euphoria had dissipated. Hello Proven Messenger no user with limited functionality and the assistant as virtually the only driving force. Only in December could see the brand of 10 million downloads to break - which is quite an indictment as a reason for joy for a Google application ...

A new statistics from App Annie now shows that both messenger slow but steady decline in favor of users and flew on the Play Store cards. The Allo Messenger is now not even in the top 540 places - and not for the first time. Since the Play Store specifies only the statistics to the space 540, this measure must therefore also officially flew in the charts. Apart from some little advice the Messenger keeps falling.

But also for Duo currently has no better picture: Even the video messenger falls slowly but surely and currently holds still between seats 200 and 300. At present is the messenger according to Androidpolice even also flew off the charts and has been More to be found among the 540 best applications. It must however be an exception, as the application must be so extreme dropped in a day far down scarcely.

It was predictable that the separation of allo and Duo was not a good idea and users are not willing to do so, two messenger download to simply discuss and be able to start video calls. Competing applications can do much better and just one application. If you then consider that other Messenger are long established and have a large user base, it was clear that both Google Messenger have very difficult without an existing user base.

It will be interesting if Google from both mega-flops have consequences and this could also push back on the siding and work on a new solution. Also on the merger of Allo and Duo thought, but this will not happen as fast. Apparently, it was now thought was a good idea to start as much Messenger as possible, because even YouTube joined as a messenger for.