High season for bargain hunters are now superior combined really cheap

New top brand smartphones are tempting, but shy buyers retain and expect better prices. Now they hit, because the high season market begins.

The iPhone is probably the only phone in which it is worth buying it immediately at launch, because do not alter prices until the first of successor. For Android smartphones, the story is quite different, here users can save hundreds of euros when the necessary patience. At the end of February present the manufacturer at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona its new Top Devices, others let their flags run shortly after the show of the stack. Now is the right time for bargain hunters to go with the bargain hunting predecessors.

The Galaxy S7 last year was the star of the MWC and it is still one of the best smartphones you can buy. Samsung unveils the successor of those that are likely until the end of March before, but the price of the S7 has already entered the cellar. The super-portable has gone in the simplest version for 700 euros in the past, now it is to have in the online business already for 485 euros. The Edge version with curved display pages cost 800 Euro, currently find offers around 560 euros.

LG G5 maintains price drop sheet

The Huawei P9 came only in April 2016, the market, but the P10 is already in the starting blocks. Therefore, the Chinese top device with dual camera now costs 570 instead of only 440 euros. The larger and stronger version has seen in ten months a price decrease of 700 to about 580 euros.

The modular concept of the G5 was not for the manufacturer LG measures it is the mobile phone is a very good smartphone with dual camera and battery change. 700 Euro is the asking price of Koreans in April 2016 today, it must already settle for a final price of 370 euros - almost half.

HTC could be 2016er flagship also in April of the stack. The HTC 10 presented with excellent hardware as worthy opponent of the Galaxy S7. As the other top smartphones sold Taiwanese unit at the beginning of 700 euros, it is now available online for 490 euros.

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Even in the middle class much more in it

Basically, all smartphones that their value for money is the best after a year. They still offer modern technology as well as their operating system must be kept for a while at the moment. Because they start a lot more expensive, the potential for savings is indeed particularly high among the main devices. But even those who want to have a mid-range smartphone, is served with great year-phones.

Sony sent the latest MWC with the Xperia X not its strongest smartphone in 2016 in the race, but a high-end of the device very solid. 600 euros were probably too ambitious, the current price of some 340 euros, but is more than good. Cost This old roughly a year Honor 5X today 185 instead of € 230, the Galaxy A5 Samsung (2016) is easily available after one year about 145 euros for 285 euros and ten months for 235 instead of 300 euros From Huawei P9 Lite