Galaxy S8: Samsung allegedly negotiated with battery manufacturers from Japan

After the debacle about the explosion Note 7 smartphones due to defective batteries and defects of battery construction allegedly for the Galaxy S8 by the Japanese company Murata to deliver. Other suppliers are also under discussion.
After the debacle about the explosion note 7 smartphones get information about Samsung's battery supplier in the center of interest. According to a report released by Nikkei Asian Review, Samsung is to be in talks with the Japanese company Murata for the supply of batteries for the end of March expected new Galaxy S8 Samsung flagship.

Properly Samsung's Samsung SDI Batteriabteilung is also blamed for the fiasco about the Note 7 explosion, they must be kept as Batterizulieferer for the Galaxy S8. Reportedly Samsung SDI produces 80 percent of the Galaxy-S8 and Murata 20 percent batteries. According to the report comes Murata since the acquisition of the battery production of Sony last year as a supplier in question. Samsung to be impressed by the performance and stability of Sony batteries.

Last month, the Korean company released a report investigating the causes of batteries exploding in contact. 7 As a result, errors in the manufacture of Samsung SDI and ATL batteries have caused individual devices to overheat, catch fire or even explode. However, the main cause of the Korean company is the following: The lack of quality controls meant that the battery error was not detected and the defective devices were delivered to customers. Other studies also see a reason in an "aggressive" design that had the mechanical expansion of the battery probably inadequate consideration.
Galaxy S8: Presentation on March 27, 2017

This fiasco should not occur with the Galaxy S8 course. Therefore, Samsung has improved quality control. This circumstance may also be responsible for the late introduction of new smartphones. Unlike the past, the Galaxy S8 and the biggest Galaxy S8 + not the end of February will be presented at the Mobile World Congress. According to the latest rumors, the presentation takes place in a press conference in New York until March 27. In trade, however, the instrument is intended only on April 21st. The declared known for its often relevant preliminary information leaker Evan Blass, who is now working for VentureBeat.

As the previous generation S7 to the S8 in two versions are available, which differ only in size. Display sizes should increase from the current 5.2 and 5.7 inches to 5.8 and 6.2 inches. The technology and resolution QHD AMOLED is Samsung take over from the seventh generation Galaxy S. In addition, both models are equipped with an edge screen with rounded edges laterally.
Galaxy S8 5.8 / 6.2 inch: 799/899 Euro

In Europe, Samsung to link the introduction of the new generation with a price increase. The 5.8-inch model will cost 799 euros - the price of the Galaxy S7 with 5.2 inch screen was launched at 699 Euro. For the client model 6.2 inches should spend another 899 Euro. However, Samsung's flagship smartphones compared to the Apple iPhone are anything but stable prices. The Galaxy S7 board was to have, for example, about six months after its launch on the market already a little over 500 euros, which represents a decrease of more than 35 percent.
Samsung apparently omitted the Galaxy S8 to a physical home button and moves the fingerprint scanner on the back. This suggests at least a photo of the Evan Blass leakers, which will show the next Samsung smartphone (Photo: Venture Beat / Evan Blass). Samsung has renounced the Galaxy S8 obviously a physical home button and moves the fingerprint scanner on the back. This suggests at least a photo of Evan Blass leakers, who will show the upcoming Samsung smartphone (image: VentureBeat / Evan Blass).

Main technical innovation is therefore manufactured in the process 10 nanometers Snapdragon 835 processor from Qualcomm, said Samsung is likely to use its own Exynos chip in some markets. The internal memory will be with 64GB dual Galaxy S7 and can be extended via a microSD card of 256 GB. In addition, Samsung will replace the Micro-USB connector previously used for the S series by a USB-C port. Whether this is based on USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 still uses, we do not know.

The Blass article also includes a picture you want to show the front and rear of the Galaxy S8. Then, one can see that Samsung as previously suspected a physical home button renounced. On the back is also right next to the camera, which aims to dissolve 12 megapixels, the End

Samsung is also working on a new feature for its upcoming premium smartphone that extends the Galaxy S8 to a desktop mode. How All About Windows Phone Reported Samsung Experience Desktop (Dex) works similarly to Windows Continuum: Users must connect the device to an external monitor and applications to operate in windowed mode.

A Screenshot blog presents a presentation slide describes the Samsung Desktop experience as the "mobile office" of the future. As a result, the function only supports one of the external monitoring and input devices such as keyboard and mouse, and multi-tasking.

Samsung Desktop Experience (Screenshot: All About Windows Phone) The smartphone shown is connected by cable to the external monitor. Mice and keyboard are apparently paired wirelessly - probably via Bluetooth. The monitor, next to an Android icon is attached, shows a desktop with icons, a start menu and the taskbar. In addition, applications running in separate windows. A window reflects the contents of the smartphone screen.

Continuum is still a unique Windows Phone outlet, very few devices like the Lumia 950 now out of print, the X3 HP Elite and the Acer Liquid Jade Primo is however reserved. A special dock screened the contents of the smartphone displays on an external monitor - mouse and the keyboard can also be connected with the docking station.
Digital Assistant Bixby

Samsung will equip the next generation of its high-end Galaxy S smartphone series with a work based on artificial intelligence digital assistant. According to a patent application last year is this Bixby.

Bixby is based on a Reuters report, according to techniques that developed the company acquired by Samsung in October US Viv start-up. Viv tour is the latest addition to the Siri-fathers Dag Kittlaus, Adam Cheyer and Chris Brigham. Siri had they sold to Apple in 2010. Vivs help system in turn combines artificial intelligence with a voice command. It should be able to answer even the most complex and multi-layered question correctly. At a demonstration in May, there were good answers to additional questions, without first the link had to be erased again. According to Samsung Galaxy the S8 wizard will also support third party services seamlessly. However, for the type of services or suppliers the Korean company did not specify.

Intelligent assistants play an important role, at least for high-end smartphones. Google led the beginning of October 2016, the Google Wizard a new voice command service to its pixel smartphones. It is based on Knowledge Graph knowledge base and should become more useful by learning the machine. Google Assistant can not only answer questions but also perform tasks for the user. Similar to the expected Samsung Wizard also new Google wizard to be open to developers.