Fire Emblem Nintendo Heroes: Million Sales To Begin

second Nintendo game for mobile devices has had a good start: In the first 24 hours after release in the Apple App Store and Google Play Fire Emblem Heroes had sales of nearly 3 million, said the firm Sensor Tower Market Research. For the first mobile Fire Emblem series strategy game to be found for example successful titles like Super Cells Clash Royale - at least the first day.

According to estimates of the market research company was Fire Emblem Heroes on the first day put nearly $ 3 million - the Nintendo game relies entirely on in-app purchases

"Free to Play" instead of single payment

Significantly more sales brought According to market researchers for publication, but Pokemon and Super Mario Go Run, reportedly 10.2 million and 8.4 million in the first day. Perhaps Fire Emblem Heroes could prove long-term source of revenue for Nintendo, though: Unlike Super Mario Run, which can be fully unlock by single payment, sets the action RPG on recurring purchases - as "spheres" .

Super Mario Run has Nintendo up to date sales of over $ 50 million that the company announced. 5 percent of the 78 million downloads led to a purchase.
Big in Japan

Much of downloads and revenues of Fire Emblem Heroes were recorded from Japan, noted Sensor Tower, there is clearly known RPG series and more popular than in other regions. Second-tier sales have the game, but can already generate in the US. Heroes in the German App Store Fire Emblem currently ranks behind Super Mario Run, both in the download as well as the sales charts.

Fire Emblem Heroes is available as a free download on 2nd February. Nintendo has the game released at the same time for iPhone, iPad or Android devices. Super Mario Run is still only for iOS, the Android version tracked in March.