Digital Transformation: How Language Assistants Change Purchases

Digital Transformation: How Language Assistants Change Purchases

In the world of ecosystems and platforms there is equality, the preservation of Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon today. Lately even pushed Microsoft added.

All these companies offer more or less similar services, media sales and rental, synchronization of different devices via cloud services, app stores and devices that only work with a particular service. The successful characteristics of an ecosystem are taken relatively quickly from the competition.
Language monitors on the rise

A fairly new functionality of the various platforms is a "personal assistant", which is activated by voice and perform different tasks. Here too, "Google", "Siri", "Cortana" and "Alexa" similar. One can alarm filters (the functionality for most users), in the navigation system enter an address (a killer feature for the Moscow taxi driver) Check the weather and can play the media.

Previously, these language assistants have this more or less useful gimmicks, but where a real use case is lacking, because to date, users entertain the public rarely with their smartphone. At home, it is more the case. One can now depending on the effort of the house in such a network, that you can adjust the heating and light with the language assistant. Amazon responded and brought with "Echo" and "Echo Dot" fixed equipment where the language assistant "Alexa" is installed. Other platforms want to follow, Apple with Home Kit and Google with Google Home.
Siri does not go shopping ...

But there is a simple question that can be answered that one of the assistants: "Siri, can you milk, eggs and flour get?" Siri recognized with "I can not". Only Alexa in collaboration with Amazon Premium Now runs the order, in some metropolitan areas. Even within two hours

This ability, which can not be met by another assistant, Amazon could bring to the dominant platform of the future, in addition to itself the market power of Google and Facebook will be very modest. Why food and drug supply with Alexa could represent a breakthrough that could be stationary supermarkets even dangerous as Web2.0 reporters?

Grocery on the web is indeed possible today, but quite heavy. The man is the fridge-inspection of the computer and then you have the products you want, heavy add in the order forms. Before you sit down a refrigerator and talk about dozens of cell phones types of milk by scrolling is not for everyone.

Also fail the approaches you get regularly provided a fixed basket of food. On the one hand, it is not always at home, on the other hand could also vary.
... Alexa already

All this is possible with Alexa: sitting Vorm refrigerator to order fresh products from the bathroom that you ordered delivered the chemist, brief review of the order and within two hours it will ring at the door and you get the goods .

No tow bags, no product search on the shelves, no traffic before entering or leaving, no queue at checkout, no purchase restrictions by business hours.

If this form of shopping is similar prevail as soon as the proliferation of smartphones, then there will be consequences that will make the smartphone revolution in the shadows. Let's look at some of the implications of:

    Decline of most brands of food and medicines: If the user buys milk then he normally does not say what brand he wants. At most the fat content or the Bio attribute play a role. Very few are explicitly specifying Landliebe, Ehrmann or other dairy products. The same is true for almost all products. Amazon will choose, by which standard milk will come. This will contribute to the formation of monopolies, the variety of products will be reduced significantly.
    Promotions will disappear: How can already see Amazon button Dash, it does not matter if the washing powder is cheaper. It is always the same ordered mark when the user presses the button. It is also difficult to communicate special offers. Except Alexa could read a list of special offers from which you can select.
    Existing supermarkets will be replaced by camps Lief: How to arrive exactly deliveries, how many storekeepers and drivers