Digital assistant, Barbie is digital: Mattel doll is before digital assistant

In New York, the latest Barbie doll was presented at the Toy Show. But this time it is impossible to touch, because it lives in a screen. The so-called "Hello Barbie Hologram" is to be a digital Assisentin that you can style your hair even at will. So far, all this is just a prototype - when the end product is coming on the market, is still unclear

The theme of the networked doll we have already dealt with today. Of course, a doll that everyone should know and that is nearly 60 years old, is Barbie. Over the years, she has had several faces, several incarnated women and different professions even exercised. Now there is Barbie first time not to touch, because now the blonde doll comes like a hologram. As it is so common for Barbie, is their digital environment for most pink and pink colors. It was introduced added to the Toy Fair of New York and yesterday: kind of reminds you Azuma Hikari, the hologram-girl for solitary hearts.

The product is called "Bonjour Barbie Hologram" and two similar projects were already in the last years presented. There, however, artificial intelligence was housed in a physical and Barbie really many were the two not. The hologram Barbie will be a true digital assistant in comparison. Similar to Alexa, the blonde beauty meets the words "Hello Barbie" by which they can engage in conversation about time, latest news or other topics.

At the exhibition, the final product has not yet been demonstrated, and strictly speaking, it is not a hologram. According to the manufacturer Mattel is intended to act only because no laser are used. The prototype is more a projection that dances on semi-transparent glass - the final product will look like. To demonstrate the doll's AI, a screen with a digital Barbie was taken to help with the show, however.

It moves very natural and interactive - it not only and tells the user something. When asked, as is seen is about the time, Barbie walk from the only window in her pink room, looks out, emits a weather report and added that it would be perfect flop time. The user can also use digital assistant to write in memory. Then Barbie grabs her virtual smart phone and stores a note.

Despite the introduction of the digital world, Barbie has remained largely loyal. He is not only an assistant, no. The user, or in this case, probably the child, they can freely style, give him different outfits, change the hairstyle and skin and hair color.

As we just mentioned the child and you are now surely asking, "Wait a minute, Vera, this is not the same game as the Cayla doll does in green?" Well, yes and no! Of course, In addition, the digital Barbie is connected to the Internet is nothing new.According to Mattel, the doll hologram are equivalent to the applicable state standards in terms of He also stated that they assume that the children extinguish the Barbie box when they are not in use.In addition, the company does not plan to record the conversations between the doll and the child.

Despite these declarations, the subject is of course always debatable. Given that the product is on the market and is still in the development phase, I would say that we have to see what is