Concentrate online Fake News exhibit on Facebook ... wtf?

Facebook apparently desperately seeking other partners to unmask the alleged false statements on the platform. With the "Focus" a middle is now right in the conversation that it is (contrary to the principle of "facts, facts, facts") are not always as precise as "truth" takes - where they exist.

A few weeks ago, Facebook announced that they will cooperate in the future with the independent auditors of the facts and intends to address the endemic problem on the "False News" platform. As the first partner you won the "Corrective" Research Office on board, now it is supposed to be a second partner. The focus is supposed to help in the near future, to separate the real facts from false reports.

As reported by Spiegel Online, research is difficult for potential partners for Facebook. Hardly an apparently established medium wants to help a variety of reasons, one targeted to verify spreading false reports about their real veracity, ARD and ZDF and should have been granted to the social network a rejection. With Online Debugging now offers the standard clearly just an editorial on Facebook does not exactly take "facts".

Facebook for quite some time has been sub-media and political pressure. Mistakes in the Targeted do on the platform in no time round, which among other things has to do with the algorithms and underlying mechanisms. A particular "incredible" or deliberately provocative to the full truth through scars a message can get a massive spread without the possible content of the correction article is perceived.

Facebook users will now have the ability to check a particularly suspicious message. If a significant number of such requests in Facebook, the message must be forwarded to external Checker facts. Ask who in turn determines that it is a clear lie, the position should be marked accordingly, including a justification that is understandable. Contributions should not be removed, so as not to expose the accusation of censorship on Facebook.

Facebook also needs other urgent corrective partners for this project. First, a small research office is the planned spending to cope alone. On the other hand would like to emphasize with two works of tour listeners independently that this approach is not biased to the cause.

Critics of the media scene suggest that the subsidiary development Burda with cooperation would polish their image particularly as "serious" media. The magazine had already repeatedly left the accusation like this (much like other media in the same publishing group) misleading headers deliberately used to guide users to ad sites supported in the past .

Hope that makes the facts check on Facebook to expire after binding standards, which are established in journalistic circles altogether. These so-called Poynter codes have already set up in the US and should also ask the Focus.

One of the reasons for frequent denials of other media could be that almost nobody wants to touch the "hot potato" called false news, after all it is the reputation of the private media in the game. In addition, Facebook is apparently not Prepared an "expense allowance" sufficient to pay for this "service" again not taken himself as "customer" in responsibility. The platform is very difficult to position as neutral as possible here.

Meanwhile, other media have already announced that they wanted to solve the problem of different misrepresentations. So, for example, ZDF plans before the federal election campaign that specifically deals with the hashtag # ZDFcheck17 controversial messages. Others rely on even more present, more serious, more substantiated by the facts posts and to support the media education of the users