Cellebrite surveillance company: Hacker press tools iPhone-cracking

If the software exists to break smartphones, then this also becomes in the hands of third parties, explained the hacker who posted the allegedly proven one of the company's monitoring tools. Similar arrows less Apple.

Unknown persons other published data, claiming to come from the Cellebrite surveillance company's collection: The new record consists of various software tools from the company, which are intended for access to locked phones including old iPhones and Android and BlackBerry devices, as US magazine reported the motherboard.
Software tools to unlock smartphones

The Israeli company Cellebrite specializes in mobile data mining and provides its own services to law enforcement agencies around the world. Sectors of the Cellebrite market, including the tool "Extraction Forensics Universal Device" (UFED), which also takes place around the Bundeskriminalamt. What now contains a UFED public folder remains unclear

The data obtained in the code to access devices iOS similar standard of the familiar jailbreak scene tools, said a security researcher against the magazine. With a jailbreak allows the security mechanisms in iOS Lever to run on arbitrary code.

The "debate on the rear doors" will not disappear, but its gain in intensity, "while we stumble into an authoritarian society," the so-called mother pirate. It was important to demonstrate that these tools penetrate outside, the show has history.
FBI vs. Apple - Encrypted iPhone Controversy

Similarly, supported last year Apple after the Federal Bureau of Investigation court required the development of software that iOS security mechanisms around the code lock cancel to unlock the iPhone one of the terrorists killed easily.

The group refused to use: The forced development of these tools creates a dangerous precedent. This software also weakens iOS security for all users because they could fall into the hands of third parties, Apple pointed out at the time.

The FBI unlocked the iPhone a few weeks later with the help of anonymous third parties. At that time, was also speculated Cellebrite might have helped prosecutors. "FBI, pay attention to what you want," quoting the US magazine from the pirate's record to the new record.The same hacker has already released 900 GB of data from a Cellebrite server and include, among other customer information.