BND: No clear evidence of manipulation of Russian media

The Federal Intelligence Service (BND) and the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) come to the conclusion that there is currently no clear evidence of coverage of the Russian manipulation campaign in Germany. Before the upcoming federal elections hoaxes and social bots again in the development of investigative authorities.

Foreign governments and other influential institutions have recently been suspected of influencing public opinion through the deliberate dissemination of false information. Virtual weapons in the battle for information and interpretation should tendentious respectful or hostile-minded products belong to these economic or political goals. In particular, the Russian government under Vladimir Putin resisted elections in the United States suspected of wanting to exert political influence in Germany. But evidence to suggest that there is not, summarizes a report of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) together.

Internet sites like "German RT", "Sputnik News" or pages countless Facebook and YouTube are now more or less openly active than the spokesman of Russian interests and views. They position themselves as an alternative to the "traditional media" and to many readers, will ensure a better balance to the "western propaganda" that allegedly dominated coverage.

The war in Ukraine, the Syrian conflict, and the growing success of populist parties in many European countries provide these countless opportunities for reports that specifically takes the opposite stance on relationships in the mainstream media. To meet some of these offers, the needs of many readers, the exclusive circle include those who "know the truth" and can not be fooled by the "paid state-funded media".

In the area of ​​suspicion is that this addition to the other interpretation of the realities and erroneous statements difficult are put under the people of voting age. The border between obscure allusions and strange contexts to disseminate manipulative disinformation is commonly known, so that the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) and the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) deal with the subject.

The result of nearly a year of investigation by the authorities is clearly at the moment. There is no clear evidence of a Russian control disinformation campaign against the German government, reports the Süddeutsche Zeitung, the WDR and NDR. Always keep the investigator there's no reason to relax before the next federal election.

The sponsor by the "Fall Lisa" by the Federal Chancellery inquiry has been published at least partially. The Russian media and politicians had ultimately rape a 13-year-old Russian Germans operated by "Southerners" and finally brought to the asylum policy of the federal government's sentiment. Even today, especially on countless social platforms references to the case, which is used retrospectively as an extreme example of a deliberately false statement.

Given the lack of clear evidence of Russian interference in coverage do you envisage a publication of the 50-page intelligence document despite the concrete practical event and wants the already tense relations with Russia do not overwhelm them With pure suspicion.

The report of the investigating authorities must be read in the light of the forthcoming general elections as an intermediate result. The secret of continuing to follow the evolution of the eye and seem to know if there are any chronological, logical or systematic correlations in the coming months, indicating a coordinated manipulation of the information.

The focus should therefore also the social networks are, the algorithms and filters to unfold in interaction with so-called social bots balancing and distributing incredible rates of false positives. Facebook had already announced that they would increasingly collaborate with various research networks on a de facto control over controversial or "suspicious" messages.

What one can certainly hold even without the knowledge of the secret: hoaxes and "Alternative Facts" are a lucrative activity and will guarantee the appropriate support in the coming months a high number of visitors.