:Apple iPhone 8 Taste the "iPhone X" over $ 1000, with high-end features?

Particularly strong and innovative Apple iPhone to be 8, but may also be particularly expensive. On more than $ 1,000 is now speech, but also by a 5.8-inch "iPhone X" and major changes compared to their predecessors.

Even the idea of ​​the Apple iPhone 8 is far away, but the device is widely debated for months. This is not new to the smartphone that celebrates its tenth anniversary this year but given the anniversary and the upcoming changes seem to be unusually great even for Apple's hype reports this year.

There are many and varied rumors about the iPhone 8 company and fast now came a new one, said information from well-informed circles should come with proper insider knowledge. The rumors are already going by its name: Fast Company is based on three different models where two could appear with the current display established sizes 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches.

In these two models, Fast Company can imagine that they are marketed as iPhone or iPhone 7s 7s Plus. The handset, however, in which we expect so many changes, according to information to be a particularly sophisticated 5.8-inch smartphone, which should be called iPhone 8, but the name "iPhone X" is traded to the tribute To pay.

Despite the immense size of the iPhone X is not a big Klopper, but so much more that the design has been revised and a nearly frameless display brings. In which it should concern the OLED panel, which highlights not only the size, but also the quality to a new level.

The best screen-to-body ratio has to do not only with the edgeless design on the sides but because it is also assumed that the home button will be invisible on the front. But this is not enough: There would even be a possibility that could be distributed with physical buttons, such as volume control. In this case, they would be replaced by tactile surfaces in a metal case.

Speaking metal case: iPhone or iPhone 8 X Apple is apparently focus on stainless steel instead of aluminum, and re-count on the glass at the back. In Fast Company report is mentioned, in which the design is almost completely continuously coming from a black monolith. The Home button will disappear Unters display or a gentle variant that uses it via the screen.

All this seems similar innovative as what, for example, Xiaomi has the Mi mix to offer the course in order to use an unusual technology to offer on the front as much display can. According to the source, the implementation of the button is not fully developed in the end, but Apple is good things to get that to release the handle and want to do without this feature not.

Benefits for the new iPhone through the cooperation of Apple with the company Lumentum, which is intended to provide a special 3D technology for iPhone 8 / X. Other details of the operation are here but not yet known. Thus, it could be related to face recognition, but also with a camera function or even with AR features.

Although all this is still quite vague, it seems to emerge very concretely that the Apple fan tilted for the birthday model (yet) a little more in their pockets must. After the iPhone is 7 to have with maximum storage for a price of 969 dollars, it is estimated that 1,000 dollar mark falls this time, perhaps significantly. Given the new features planned and expensive OLED panels, frankly not so great surprise.

We currently only just deal with rumors, so you all need to register here also with appropriate skepticism. It seems, however, emerge indeed that Apple for the iPhone Jubilee has very close-ups and we can actually adapt to a substantially optimized and altered iPhone us.