Apple iPhone 7 - at the price

In the forums support Apple's indications of quality issues with the iPhone 7. The matte black finish of smartphones increase to chip literally at critical points, although owners protect their devices with a sleeve. Apple Leht warranty.

Apple offers the iPhone 7 with a black lacquered piano and a matt black surface. The casing adorns almost all the company's ads on the smartphone - and now ensures, apparently trouble. In the support forums to report the increase of users who report a detachment of the black coating, even if they have protected their devices with a protective sleeve. Apple rejects WARRANTIES have been constantly removing and not replacing purely aesthetic damage, in accordance with current warranty conditions.

In autumn 2016 already Apple has officially admitted that the black lacquered piano iPhone 7 is sensitive to scratches and will not care should be carried in a pocket without a corresponding case. Already after a relatively short time has reported the user that the finish is damaged with small micro scratches. The complaints of owners of the iPhone 7 in black matte version are another caliber. The color layer to take off or crumble literally.

Still may be despite complaints accumulate not anticipate if only certain lots of iPhones are affected. There is no doubt that the two smaller iPhone 7, as well as the larger iPhone are 7 more among the affected devices. It is striking that peeling paint is particularly prone to edges and borders. The slot for the SIM card seems to be affected as well as the buttons to adjust the volume or speaker holes.

"I’ve bought my iPhone 7 Plus and after 3 weeks the paint started chipping/peeling near the right speakers. I have contacted Apple care and they asked to send a few images of the problem and after 12 days they told me it is not covered under warranty since it is under cosmetic damage.” iPhone7-Besitzer, Support-Foren

All in all arouse the cases described under the impression that it is simply a "too thin" or "bad" paint and the quality of the paint, which now turns out after a few months.

Apple had various problems with the paint, not only with the piano lacquered black finish. The previous model iPhone 5 Already there were many users who complained about the paint. Normally, one assumes "comparable quirks" have (in the proverbial sense) to smartphones much cheaper yet again as soon as they are long used or have survived occasional drops and bumps.

Apple had recently announced that iPhones are selling better than ever. News regarding any defects in the product to read accordingly in Cupertino dislikes, because any recall or recall of the measures would entail enormous costs. Recently, the iPhone celebrated its tenth anniversary, allegedly "celebrated" Apple's anniversary at the end of the summer with a special edition