Announced Mobile Game: Final Fantasy 15

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08. November 2016 23:38: "Final Fantasy 15" can also be played on the road, but this is not worth for the main game. On the contrary, today a separately developed mobile variant has been announced that is evolving in the Machine area. However there is not really any deep information about the case ,.

Square Enix has before the launch of "Final Fantasy 15" announced a mobile game based on the console title. However, the development does not take place internally at Square Enix. Instead, the developer of the machine area were honored with the task of producing the mobile game. The studio has already shown for mobile games such as: responsible and "Mobile Strike" "Game of War Age Fire".DISPLAY
"The new game, which is being developed by a new MZ-Studio, combines the characters, history and soundtrack of the Final Fantasy 15 technology zone that allows millions of players around the world, A unique universe and play in real time, "said the developer. "The game is the success of the MZ-MMO game of War: Fire Age and Mobile strike follow two are in the Android and iOS application stores in the top tiers .."
When the new free-to-play MMORPG that should be released, the press release are not apparent. General law, that means is that they are very proud to work with Square Enix. And of course, the officials have always been a fan of the series "Final Fantasy". This is true at least for the founder of Zone Machine. "It is an honor for me to work on a brand that I loved him as a child," said his words.