Ultimate conduct breakthroughs and new innovations and new design in three kinds of products that enter the ranks of the 360 ​​speakers, namely, Rool UE 2, UE UE UE Megaboom and BOOM 2. Portable Wireless Speaker is presented to you with the advantages and superiority, which
lies in the waterproof with certification (IPX7) also resilient.
This product is commercially available sudak Indonesia at a price that can be affordable, but has several advantages and uniqueness. So for your hobby listen to music without complicated, apparently all three of these tools is perfect for you.

1. UE ROLL 2
UE rool 2 is more powerful in terms of sound with a range of 15%., From a wireless range of up to 30 meters. rampingseukuran design hnya compact disk weighing 226 grams, making it easy to carry around - everywhere.

Delivers louder and it takes up space.UE Roll 2 is also equipped with talielastis so it can be hung with a backpack, bicycle and belts. Small buoy included in the package allows the UE Rool 2 can be taken while swimming and floating.UE ROLL 2, 14 USD range in price, and has been available in Indonesia at the beginning of January 2017 this bull.

2. UE Megaboom

Wireless Portable Speaker is the latest generation, which is claimed to have a longer battery durability, sound louder and more powerful bass. UE Megaboom weight is just less than 907 grams with rechargeable battery endurance up to 20 hours.
As well as Bloutooth range can reach 30 meters. What's interesting about this Megaboom UE you can do the Double Up wirelessly with devices UE UE BOOM Megaboom lainatau to double the voice.
Megaboom UE is pegged at around 350 USD. and is already available in the Indonesian market in 2017's.

3. UE BOOM 2

UE BOOM 2 is designed to be able to survive in wet conditions, resistant to shock and muddy circumstances. The sound quality is more robust 25% with a wireless range of up to 30 meters. With the size of a bottle of drinking water, you can put it on the four bottles of water
mengantungkannya on a bike or in a bag. UE BOOM 2 memilii durability up to 15 hours of battery life, features a button that allows you mengagantilagu knock on the Playlist without holding the phone.

UE BOOM 2 comes with a variety of attractive colors, such as BrainFreeze, Tropical, Phantom, Cherrybomb and GreenMachine.

To support its performance, provided the application UE BOOM 2 for iOS and Android. You can double the UE BOOM suaranyadengan merge with Ultimate Ears UE 2 and MEGA BOOM BOOM up to 200 speakers and turn enough of a mobile phone. Ultimate Ears also introduced features
Block Party for UE Megaboom. BOOM UE 2 and UE Rool 2, to enjoy and share music in a way that is different and unique.
UE BOOM 2 is marketed around the early months of 2017, with prices in the tag of around 260 USD.
   How exciting is not it ..