NEW: Executive Mobile Trend Report Q1-2017

NEW: Executive Mobile Trend Report Q1-2017

Report on mobile trends

Also in this quarter, the young again 2017 we put the brand new executive before Report Mobile Trend Q1-2017, which we created in collaboration with TrendONE.

With our Mobile Trend Report, we want innovative field signals, these our in-house readers * in a compact and free form and introduce mobile innovations, smart technologies, interesting TENDANCE products or startups.

Our Executive Mobile Trend Report is available exclusively for our newsletter subscribers to download for free. These two current and past issues. You will receive the download link for the new application to our newsletter and in each of our newsletter.

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In this first edition in 2017, you will find the following ten trends:

   @. Artificial Intelligence Simplifies Life (Virtual Assistant "Remi")
   @. Mobile station for Bentley drivers
   @.TrendreportChatbot mobile protects the privacy of children
   @. Survivors
   @. Personalized glove Smartphone unlocked
   @. Main is the touch screen of the smartphone
   @. App relations rated on the basis of calls
   @. Order a meal that is based on their own DNA
   @. Adidas football shoes sold only through the application
   @. By application will find the next McRib

Question Q4-2014 remains open to all and shows how our Mobile Trend Report Executive is structured.