Bones of birds and shagreen: So researchers revolutionize the fly

Bones of birds and shagreen: So researchers revolutionize the flyScientists develop aircraft parts based on bird bones, motion the shape of kangaroos or do research on the flexibility of artificial spider's legs. Nature is the perfect model for technical innovations. Currently, researchers are working on a plane with shagreen.

Adapting the biology of innovation, is one of the most versatile fields of technology.
Particularly strong in nature orient the plane.
Airbus has specially developed its own idea carrier which shows the aircraft of the future.What to do a kangaroo, a spider, a dragonfly and a penguin in common? They have served Festo as a great example of nature going to Amazon for more information about this product !. Each of the animals dedicated to the company a technical counterpart. But what's the point?Nothing is as perfect as natureBionics is ubiquitous in art. All our life is determined by the technology that is copied from nature. So the fruit of Velcro support Velcro Pate and usual for jellyfish and squid principle of retreated advanced researchers in jet engines and rockets.Typical examples of bionics can be found in aircraft. Already Leonardo Da Vinci has been oriented with his aircraft for birds on Italy. They wrote the Italian polymathe: "The human creative genius can make various inventions (...), but it will never succeed that would be good, economic and simple that nature because in its inventions nothing is missing, and it Is nothing to muchThe first German bionicsGerman aviation pioneer Otto Lilienthal Go to Amazon for more information on this product! Designed its aircraft-based nature. He built a bird skeleton gradually extended over a thin layer of polymer. His conclusions he occupied in the book "The flight of birds as the basis of aviation" sets. According to current knowledge Lilienthal was the first person who successfully filled and reproducible skates with an airplane. Similarly, the Wright brothers designed their aircraft on the example of the flight of great VögeSince the bird is considered in the plane as the main base. "Aviation, especially aircraft development, has always been a bionic theme," says Loup Krüger of the Aeroelastic Institute, the German Aerospace Center (DLR).Developing and evolving

A classic bionic development are the Spiroids. They are based on the flight feathers of birds. "With their help, the resistance can be reduced on the wing and thus saved nearly ten percent of the fuel," says Loup Krüger.Save money by replicating the natural, also wants the Airbus group. For the European aviation manufacturer developed an idea support, the "Airbus Concept Plane." A future aircraft project will be modified from new airbrakes.For the scanned Airbus fiber technicians and train the Victoria water lily and made to the 3D printer. Interesting for researchers, the structure of the water lily is because it can contain nearly 80 pounds on water. "This concept we are currently building by and testing it in the first phase," says Peter Sander, head of technologies and future concepts of the Airbus Group