Best new apps for Windows Phone

Best new apps for Windows Phone

For Windows Phone more than 130,000 applications are currently available - but how many good new apps are there? An overview.

Now with Windows Phone is now more than 130,000 applications compared to the App Store of Apple and Google, although still relatively small, but everything related to news and new applications, the store Windows Phone has in terms of quality of the two main competitors hide, as the following table indicates:

New applications under Windows PhoneWer have a smartphone, which wants to remain mobile to this day. Most users are likely here for quick checking of the current situation takes news reader RSS or mobile mobile websites optimized on native apps.

Best new apps for Windows Phone

Best new apps for Windows Phone

1.  WP App
Live Tiles, push notifications, social sharing, sports, horoscope, lotto numbers, weather and loudly and colorful and pure boulevard - independent of a background evaluation shows the Axel Springer home edition here once again its will to Play a mobile pioneer, Only long time to start some application spoils the experience a little, but who can skip this obstacle has diverted - guaranteed.

2.  Tagesspiegel Tagesspiegel AppDer
The application of the Berliner Tagesspiegel play with the front and, with push notifications and an all tile live needs a modern News app for Windows Phone. As a bonus gives even the opportunity to buy from the same application, digital printing edition - top. Only the "scrolling tilt" should probably work better in the other direction ...

3.  N24N24
N24 is indeed home to television, are also on Windows Phone from a good image: Apart from mandatory live tile, Push Notifications and social sharing capabilities, the application offers a clear new tickers, Videos and article possibility offline reading,

4.  Concentrate online Focus online
Concentrate online on Windows Phone arrives with one of the best user interfaces in the field of new apps and provides a live tile, push notifications and social media connections - what could you want?
Sent to the courts, but interesting alternatives

5.  Handelsblatt Handelsblatt
The Handelsblatt application offers neither live social sharing tile or push notifications - for a neat design, a query price on the stock exchange and the ability to read stored offline articles.

The application has no live tile or push notifications and unfortunately has long loading times and no settings. Therefore, it offers a bookmark and social sharing function as well as videos.

In Austria, but located a little international content - a limiting case of this overview. Here is in the style very similar to the media capabilities App scarce adjustment possibilities for users are rewarded with a live tile and social.

8.  Tv n-TVN
With push notifications, product downloads and social sharing offers the potential n-tv application, but does not provide live tile yet sufficient adjustment options - but for embedded videos.

The foreign look

1.  Bloomberg Bloomberg
Those looking for economic news in English, which is available on Bloomberg just: push notifications, ticker personalizer, ticker design, social sharing and a short video and audio files from Bloomberg TV and Bloomberg Radio - only the tile Live missing.

The new English-language apps for Windows Phone, almost all at a high level, and even CNN is no exception: Live Tile, push notifications, social sharing, upload articles and of course video content - everything out there, that we need.

This feature can not quite maintain the application of the venerable BBC. Users can even find a live tile, social media connection and even a read function, push notifications that you seek in vain. Only at second glance also falls, whether it is a third-party application - which it currently seems to have problems.

4.  Sky News News
The application of the Sky News irritates the technical capabilities of Windows Phone in this area certainly the least: No live tiles, no push notifications, confusing design and do not require settings - for, but at least social sharing And live broadcast of the current program. After all.

5.  Al jazeera jazeeraAl
Only since Tuesday in Windows store available and therefore more brand new is the application of Al Jazeera, the Arab world will present the news point of view that is happening in English. Although missing live tiles and push notifications, it also offers the Al Jazeera live program and has built-in social sharing capabilities.

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